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In this blog I'll be covering the new Multiple articulation bank feature in the new 1.05 version of my Articulate plugin for FL Studio.

What are 'Articulation Banks' and do I need multiple of them?!

If you've used my Articulate plugin you'll know that until now you've been limited to using 16 different articulations per-instance due to the note-colour-limitation in FL Studio. As of update 1.05 this is no longer the case. When the new 'Multiple articulation banks ' option is turned on you can now switch between up to 64 articulations within a single BRSO instance. We'll look into how we do this down below, but the basic idea is that you now have 4 sets, or 'banks', of sixteen  articulations. You can select which bank a note should utilise with the new Articulation Bank property, and then pick which of the 16 articulations it should switch to with the usual note-colour option.

Noice! What's the catch?!

The biggest catch is that FL Studio still only lets you see 16 different note colours, so you may want to plan carefully how you arrange your banks of articulations. I'm still hoping that the awesome developers over at Image-line (creators of FL Studio) will be able to extend the amount of colours available (and will update Articulate when they do, if it's not already integrated into FL Studio by then), but this is a sort of 'workaround' until then.

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