Can I use your music?

I get a lot of emails asking 'Can I use your music in my video game, movie or YouTube video and how much does it cost?' The easiest way to tell whether you can use a piece of my music is to look out for the padlock icon overlaying the thumbnail on the site.

If the unlocked padlock icon (shown in the picture to the right) is visible and you meet the requirements/restrictions listed below, you're free to legally use the music in your YouTube/Vimeo, Live streams, podcasts, video games, student films, etc. at no cost:

  • This offer is only available to games, movies, projects or YouTube/Twitch channels earning less than $5000 profit per year. If this is not the case please contact me to arrange a commercial license.
  • Also, please credit me in your video / live stream's description or the movie / game / app credits with the following text:

    Music (track name) by The Blake Robinson Synthetic Orchestra:

    Please make sure the credits are prominent and not just snuck down at the bottom of a video description or tiny text at the end of the credits roll.

  • If you're using a piece of my commercial music, please support me and buy the track from my Bandcamp page. You can find links to purchase by clicking Original Music by Myself from the main menu and using the search feature.
Music that can't be licensed:

Please respect that the following albums or music are NOT available for commercial use for various reasons (ie. they're covers or they were made exclusively for specific projects):

  • Crafty Candy

  • Mystery Match

  • Chrono Trigger Symphony Volume 1-3

  • Banjo-Kazooie Symphony

  • Dexter for Orchestra

Music on streams:

The following music cannot be used in video game or film projects but it can be featured in YouTube/Twitch "let's play" streams or as incidental background music in your videos (art vlogs, timelapse videos, etc.):

  • Lost in Random

  • Portal Knights

  • Bits of music from the Stanley Parable

Can I remix or cover your original music?

Of course! Creating new and interesting variations of my original music is both welcomed and appreciated! As mentioned above, please remember that I can only grant permission to sample or remix music that shows the padlock icon overlaying the thumbnail.


You only have to license music that is used once you pass earnings of $5000 per year. Any music used in existing video-games, videos or movies remains free to use. Please note though, that if you were to re-use a piece of music in new content (eg. a sequel to a game, reuploading or creating a new YouTube video, recording a new podcast, etc.) you would need to contact me to arrange a license for use in this newly created or uploaded content.

Basically you won't ever have to worry about commercially licensing my music until after the point that you reach the $5000 threshold.

Is there anything I can't do with your music?

I'm pretty relaxed about what you use my music for, but I'd ask that you please don't simply re-upload my music to Soundcloud/YouTube/etc. This includes things such as '10 hour long', 'reversed' versions, instrumentals, full medleys or full albums uploads. I also reserve the right to revoke the free license if you're using the music on something I don't want my name associated with. However, I'm pretty relaxed so this doesn't happen very often.

If you're ever worried about using my music for something and want to confirm I'm okay with it, feel free to contact me.

Do you have a list of all the music that's free to use?
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